25 Mar


Search engine optimization is a major factor in online business. Certain SEO techniques are given below.


There are two types of sitemaps which are used in SEO. First one is HTML and the second one is XML. HTML sitemap is created only for display purpose. You can create a page which contain urls of your site and can be named as Sitemap.html.
An XML sitemap is for submitting to search engines. For example, create an xml sitemap and name it as Sitemap.xml and submit to Google using Google webmaster tools. There are certain formats for creating the XML sitemap. You can easily create an XML sitemap for Google using XML sitemap generator.


You can submit your site’s url to search engines. Use Google’s webmasters tool to submit to Google.


Inbound link is an important factor in SEO. You can have inbound links from directory websites and other similar websites by submitting url. Having inbound link from a site having a high page rank has more advantage.You can have inbound links from high page ranking sites such as Ezine articles, Article base etc. by writing articles and placing link to your site inside the article. Community portal such as twitter is also good for getting inbound links.


Your site’s URL format is very important for SEO. Give a page name which is same as content keyword, other than giving names such as page1, page2 etc.


Your site should contain unique content. Add articles and forums to have more text content. The keyword density is another major factor for SEO. You can have related keywords by searching the Google adwords.


Have a good domain name which is suitable for the content of your web page.


A simple design is better for SEO. Javascript and other display features will not get search engine attention. So have a simple design rather than advanced display settings. Also give related keywords as tittle.

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