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    19 Apr

    CSS Layouts Without Tables

    Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are the most flexible way to create attractive, standards-compliant websites. Even so, many web designers choose to stick to the original HTML elements that they are familiar with in order to implement their designs. For example, HTML tables are often used in order to create the seemingly complex layouts on some […]

    15 Apr

    4 Key Stats to Monitor the Health of Your Blog

    As a blogger spare time can be pretty hard to come by. Your focus, as it should be, is about creating great content and engaging with your community — leaving little capacity for the ‘other’ things that need to be done. Add the fact that a lot of us prefer to leave the numbers and […]

    12 Apr

    Bad SEO Tactics and Common Mistakes

    Once upon a time, search engine optimization (SEO), was like the Wild West – no rules, and people could do pretty much anything to get their websites up to the top of the search engine listings.  Those days have long gone, however, and the rule of law prevails.  Search engines know all the tricks, and […]

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